At this moment, globalization and digital technologies are fundamentally reshaping communication industries and creative work.  

Fundamental questions need to be asked about the structure and governance of contemporary communication and creative industries and the public’s interest within them. Knowledge gaps, unchallenged assumptions and misunderstandings persist, yet new politics are emerging and decisions that are shaping the future of human communication and creativity are being taken irregardless.


The GCGL supports academic research on key questions related to the structure and governance of communication industries and aims to provide a platform for developing and sharing knowledge and expertise. It provides learning opportunities and physical space for certain dynamic Ryerson students to contribute to professional scholarly research.


Founded in 2014, the Ryerson Global Communication Governance Lab (GCGL) is affiliated with Ryerson University’s  School of Creative Industries, and Faculty of Communication and Design. Housed in the The Rogers Communication Centre, the GCGL is a hub of research, learning and outreach that supports the work of Ryerson students and faculty.