The Interactor Commodity: Social Media, User Generated Content, Audiences and Advertising

Examines the relationships between internet users, social media platforms and the advertising industry, focusing on the emergence of data targeted strategic communication.

(Funded by SSHRC, 2011-2014)  

How Effective is Targeted Internet Strategic Communication? Developing a Method for Auditing User Engagement with Social Media Advertising Using Eye-Tracking Technology

Uses eye-tracking technology to pilot an audit of social media use, asks how social media users understand and interact with commercial messages in social media feeds.

(Funded by Ryerson Faculty of Communication and Design, 2014-2015)


Earned Media Influence: Understanding the Affect Economy of Bloggers’ Relations with the New Advertising Industry

Examines the economy, work and impact of professional social media influence. Asks questions about the work and career of YouTubers and other influencers, their relationships with advertisers and about how audiences understand and respond to sponsored social media content.

(Funded by the Canadian Media Research Consortium, 2014-2016)  



Networks of Exclusion: The Mediation of Cultural Diversity in Ontario’s Screen Media Production Industry

This project, led by Charles Davis, examines the labour market dynamics of Canada’s screen media production industry and asks about the creative and economic barriers to entry and employment success that exclude minority voices from contributing to the production of Canada’s media content, or in short, who gets to tell which stories in the Canadian media and why?